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Experiencing pain in your joints may impact your ability to enjoy certain activities. This pain can limit your mobility and you may need acupuncture for joint pain relief to address discomfort. Depending on the type of joint pain, our acupuncturist, Alida van Heerden, develops a personalized plan to address the cause of your discomfort.

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Joint Pain and Arthritis

Joint pain stems from a variety of factors and addressing the underlying cause of the pain with appropriate treatment is the best course of action for your health. A common cause of pain in the joints is arthritis. This condition occurs when there's inflammation of the joints and may relate to several different situations. In some cases, the body attacks the joints and causes the inflammatory response. In other cases, the pain stems from repetitive injuries or normal wear and tear in the area, which causes inflammation.

Common problems associated with arthritis or inflammation in your joints include:

  • Elbow pain, particularly in individuals who play sports (e.g. Tennis Elbow)
  • Wrist pain, which may stem from playing an instrument or typing on a computer
  • Knee pain
  • Pain in your hands and fingers

Arthritis treatment with acupuncture focuses on reducing the amount of inflammation in your joints and body. The specific acupuncture points and the number of needles used in treatment vary based on the severity of your pain.

Ways That Acupuncture Helps Joint Pain

The acupuncture helps alleviate symptoms depends on the cause of the pain. Injury treatments differ from acupuncture for arthritis, so a professional will evaluate your situation before developing a personalized plan for your body.

When our acupuncturist in Manhattan identifies the cause of your pain, they focus on healing the problem. In our clinic, we use fine needles to stimulate specific points in the body which helps reduce joint inflammation and get relief from painful symptoms. The fine needles stimulate natural healing to help reduce the pain.

If you are considering treatment for joint pain and arthritis, discuss your situation with Alida van Heerden L.Ac. and receive an appropriate evaluation. Generally, she asks about the severity of your pain, the consistency of the pain and the underlying factors that contribute to your situation such as your level of activity or if you were in an accident. 

Make an Appointment with Our Acupuncturist in New York for Joint Pain Relief

Treating joint pain is a process and one of the best ways of treating it is to work with our acupuncturist on a plan towards wellness. By discussing your treatment goals, we can develop a plan to alleviate the pain and improve your mobility. To learn more about treating arthritis or to set up an appointment, contact us today at (917) 968-6456.

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Free 15 Min Intro Call Click Here


(917) 968-6456

You have given me a gift today, such lovely conversation, such a healing restful peaceful time in your office. Thank you infinitely for everything.

Bekah -

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